Biomolecular Engineering Lab.



Biomolecular Engineering Laboratory

Principal Investigator

Prof. Jin-Ho Seo

Ph.D. Student Sang-Min Jung, Jung-Hyun Jo, Ye-Ji Lee
Master Student Byung-Yeon Kim, Hye-Won Oh, Do-Haeng Lee, Soe-Hee Park, Jin-Myung Bae, Yae-Seung Son, Hyeong-Do Jeon


Teamwork , Innovation and Globalization for Education and Research

Under the TIGER spirit (Teamwork, Innovation and Globalization for Education and Research), our laboratory concentrates characterization of the basic properties of recombinant DNA systems both at the genetic and reactor levels in an attempt to provide systematic and predictive guidance for design, analysis and optimization of bioprocesses for production of biomaterials and food ingredients. The biochemical complexity of recombinant DNA systems required focused experimental and theoretical efforts to identify the critical steps dictating the process productivity. Various biotechnologies including genetic engineering, metabolic engineering and protein engineering have been combined with process engineering techniques to develop viable bioprocesses.

Protein Production Engineering

The research has focused on development of simultaneous expression, separation and purification schemes to improve process characteristics of recombinant DNA systems for production of pharmaceutical proteins and industrial enzymes.

- Development of solid-phase refolding processes and oxidative refolding chromatography for inclusion bodies expressed in recombinant Escherichia coli.

- Protein secretion engineering for efficient production of therapeutic protein in recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

- Production of recombinant antibodies in recombinant microbial systems using molecular evolution and surface display technology.

Microbial Factory Technology

Microbial factory technology involves redesign of metabolic pathways of microbial cells by using information on genomics and proteomics in an optimization context. This technology will allow development of economically viable bioprocesses for production of value-added materials from biomass and industrial byproducts

- Process development for production of functional materials including xylitol, erythritol, ribose, and coenzyme using metabolically engineered microbes.

- Molecular design of cofactor-regeneration systems for bioconversion of fine chemicals such as caprolactones, alkyl oxides and fucosyl-sugar.

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