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206 1995    Effects of temperature and cycloheximide on secretion of cloned invertase from recombinant S.cerevisiae
Marten, Mark R.1, B.H. Chung, J.H. Seo
Biotechnol Bioeng 6: 627-630
2003/03/22  3684
205 1995    Process development for the production of recombinant hirudin in S.cerevisiae: from upstream to downstream
J.H. Sohn, E.S. Choi, B.H. Chung et al.
Process. Biochem. 7: 653-660
2003/03/23  4191
204 1995    Production of hirudin by recombinant S.cerevisiae in a membrane-recycle fermentor
J.B. Park, Y.E. Kweon, S.K. Rhee, J.H. Seo
Biotechnol. Lett 10: 1031-1036
2003/03/23  4760
203 1996    Characterization of alcohol fermentation and Segregation of protoplast fusant of S.cerevisiae and P.stipitis
G.S. Yoon, T.S. Lee, C. Kim et al.
J. Microbiol. Biotech 4: 286-291
2003/03/23  5089
202 1996    Microencapsulation of recombinant S.cerevisiae cells with invertase activity in liquid-core alginate capsules
H.N. Chang, G.H. Seong, I.K. Yoo et al.
Biotechnol. Bioeng. 2: 157-162
2003/03/23  4773
201 1996    Effects of medium composition on hirudin production in recombinant S.cerevisiae
C.M. Choi, M.D. Kim, S.K. Rhee, J.H. Seo
Biotech. Lett. 10: 1129-1132
2003/03/23  5025
200 1997    Fed-batch fermentations of recombinant Escherichia coli to produce Bacillus macerans CGTase
Y. C. Park, C. S. Kim, C. I. Kim, K. H. Choi, J. H. Seo
J. Microbiol. Biotech 5: 323-328
2003/03/23  4761
199 1997    Enhanced production of maltotetraose-producing amylase by recombinant Bacillus subtilis LKS88 in fed-batch cultivation
D. O. Kim, K. M. Park et al.
J. Microbiol. Biotech. 6: 417-422
2003/03/23  5009
198 1997    Enhancement of recombinant glucoamylase expression by introducing yeast GAL7 mRNA termination sequence
K. M. Cho, H. J. Cha, Y. J. Yoo, J. H. Seo
J. Biotech 1: 9-20
2003/03/23  4997
197 1998    Invertase production by fed-batch fermentations of recombinant S.cerevisiae
J. H. Koo, S. Y. Kim, Y. C. Park, N. S. Han, J. H. Seo
J. Microbiol. Biotech 3: 203-207
2003/03/23  5455
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